We create videos that make us proud

We have been growing in the area of video production for over 13 years, so we know this industry inside out.

Spots for nationwide TV campaigns, moving social campaigns, corporate storytelling, engaging videos... We have completed over 600 projects.

We always care about achieving the highest level and we don’t stop there - we raise the bar continuously


They have trusted us

Our videos translate into the success of our customers.

It doesn't matter if we implement a project for a known brand or a start-up - we treat every task as a fresh challenge.

We work with a group of highly experienced consultants and we also have expertise in the production of videos for customers operating in many different industries.

I remember when the entire Mova Film crew entered the office - they just knew what to do and how to do it! The effects have exceeded my expectations, and the candidates themselves repeatedly refer to it when asked about the reason for applying to Nordea

Angelika Urbaniak,

From the beginning, we felt that we were dealing with experts; we trusted their valuable tips and their creative vision. The end result is absolutely like a global campaign.

Natalia Dwórznik

We have received (...) materials that enjoy very positive customer feedback. But the most important thing was to understand our needs, giving advice during the scripting and creative stages that each time exceeded our expectations.

Eliza Rumpca

Excellent cooperation! The concept and screenplay, filming, editing, sound and visual effects were at the highest level. I recommend them due to their flexibility, professionalism, and a comprehensive approach to each of the entrusted tasks.

Martyna Grzegorczyk