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up to 80% of candidates thoroughly check the employer

before deciding to apply for the job? (source)


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We'll give your employees a voice. They know best what is important to them at work and why they like it. The great advantage of this solution is its authenticity; a potential candidate can see the company from the inside, feel its atmosphere, learn its values and, above all, be introduced to its people.

We will take care of good casting, produce great shots, and deliver proper editing.


We will draw your viewers into a story they will not want to end. We will evoke positive emotions, make people laugh and feel moved. We will make them identify with the characters in the video and remember your brand for a long time.

This solution is more than just a corporate video; it is a complex production that has every chance of going viral.

A walk with the camera

We will show your company to your viewers. We will develop an interesting idea or an unconventional theme. We will show modern office spaces or impressive production and storage facilities.

We will take care of the highest quality of implementation and propose the best way to present the space, e.g. drone shots, accelerated time lapse shots or the use of POV techniques, i.e. video made as if we you are looking through someone's eyes.